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Bentonite for fertilizer
Product name : Bentonite for fertilizer

Model Number : 2013513191236

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Brand: BEST
1) soil amendments: highly effective soil conditioner
2) fertilizer conditioner: reduce the water content of fertilizers, prevent the agglomeration and improve fertilizer
3) the carrier of fertilizer: enhance strength and reduce the volatile nitrogen, control the release of nitrogen fertilizer and increase crop yields.
4) fertilizer granulation: smooth surface, hign intensity granule, uniform particles   
soil amendments: Bentonite can change the soil in solid, liquid, gas ratio to loose soil structure and improve soil physical properties, so that water and fat in soil is security and  not contaminated soil environment; In the arid region, bentonite is a highly effective soil conditioner:high cation exchange capacity, strong and good water-retention capacity of the adhesive, cation exchange capacity is a key indicator of fat for the soil for fertilize . Bentonite is used for soil improvement, in addition to a strong performance security , it also can enhance the buffering capacity of the soil, adsorb the harmful elements in soil.
fertilizer conditioner: In the production of fertilizer, according to the nature of the different fertilizer by adding a small amount of bentonite can reduce the water content of fertilizers to prevent the agglomeration of fertilizer, maintain good loose, improve fertilizer.The particle size is conducive to the transportation, storage and use. It can also serve as a suspension of the conditioner. Suspension fertilizers have many advantages, such as storage, transport and easy application process of mechanization, with pesticides, herbicides and trace elements in mixed-use and easy to adjust the volume and composition and so on. In developed countries and some developing countries it is used more. SC suspension fertilizers must be added in order to maintain their stability.
the carrier of fertilizer:Bentonite as carrier to improve fertilizer physical properties of materials to increase the fertilizer stability in the transport, storage of the process, also has ability of nitrogen-fixing bentonite, solid potassium.The role of organic matter, it can reduce the fertilizer loss in the soil, control the release of fertilizer nutrients and improve the utilization rate of fertilizer to promote the effectiveness of crop production. Bentonite for the slow release fertilizer carrier has the following characteristics: to enhance strength and reduce the nitrogen volatile ; control the release of nitrogen fertilizer; to increase crop yields.
fertilizer granulation: After dehydration, deployment, grinding and other processing ,bentonite can be the fertilizer granulation agent. For compound fertilizer granulation, a fast ball into the high rate, uniform particles, the surface smooth, granular high intensity, such as water-soluble fertilizer, thereby saving production costs.
Packing:in 25 kg/ 1000 kg bags, as your request
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