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Bleaching Earth / Sample Test Method

Equipments in lab:

1)Beaker (picture2)
3)filter paper
4)heating equipment
5)glass rod/spoon
6)electronic scale

Steps of experiment

1) take 30g oil in the beaker. 

2) put the beaker on heating equipment,heat the oil sample up to 105 °C-110 °C 

3) Measured 3-5g activated bleaching earth sample by electronic scale
 (the add ration is 3%-10% of oil generally,depend on oil quality)

4) put clay sample into oil,adding slowly by glass rod and stiring,
agitate the solution magnetically and manually for 30 minutes while the temperature being kept at 105 to 110°C 

5) stick filter paper on funnel wall,then pour oil into funel,waiting for the pic shows. 

The activated bleaching earth began to lose gesso when temperature above 300℃,it will change the structure and affect decolorization.
Its surface absorbs moisture easily,so high moisture also affects decoloring effect and catalyti performance.
Pay attention to prevent rain,moist,should be stored in ventilated and dry place.

-----------This experiment is finished in our lab by chemical operator Chen Lei , Best Industrial Corporation Limited-----------

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