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calcium bentonite
Product name : calcium bentonite

Model Number : 20111222234817

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calcium bentonite
1.calcium bentonite feature:
1) good adsorption
2) high expansibility
2.calcium bentonite usage:
1) casting sand
2) cement agent
3) waste sorbent
4) feed additives
3.calcium bentonite detailed description:
1).Calcium Bentonite mainly uses in the casting molding sand, in the asbestos thermal insulation material as the cementing agent; radioactive waste sorbent; in the agricultural chemicals makes the carrier or the diluent, the pesticide.
2).Calcium bentonite mainly uses in the feed additive and the material feed cementing agent, may increase in the feed 2-5%
3).Calcium bentonite has adsorption and expansibility. It can provide many kinds of constant element and the trace element for the poultry, change digestion function, and enhances the use factor of feed nutrition.


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