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bentonite cat litter
Product name : bentonite cat litter

Model Number : 2011122220128

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entonite cat litter litter feature:

1). Strong absorption ability.     

2). Fast concretion into pellet.

3). Disgusting odder absorption.

4). The controlof bacteria growth as well as fresh air-keeping.

5). Beneficial to the health of house pets(such as cats).

6). The ideal cushion for pets. litter detailed description:

1).The cat litter is made of highly absorbent and non-toxic bentonite. It lets you scoop odors away, leaving your litter box clean and fresh. Its special clumping granules quickly absorb liquid while lasting weeks longer than conventional litter. Your cats will be delighted at the natural, hygienic and fast clumping product.

2).Ingredients: 100% sodium bentonite

3).Processing scientific formula and advanced refining.

4).The cat litter is crafted with strong aggregation,odor absorption,high water absorption,antibacterial,being condecive to the growth of animal health, and family environmental health.

5).When the pet discharge dirt, the litter will be fast group,making smell of urine and the urine contained bacteria in the consolidation of small adsorption,completely non-smell,keep the ususlly clean. litter specs:         

 Appearance     Granular-Free flowing with no foreign objects
  Density      0.8-1.0g/ml
 Compressive strength    10N min
  Clump assessment     88% of clump remaining+/-10% after 15 sec on shaker
  Size   0.5-3.5mm 99%min
 Absorption   2.5ml/g-10%
 Ammonia present   500ppm+/-10% after 5 minutes
 Moisture    9.0% max
  PH value    8.0-9.0
  Clump size Diameter     5.0-6.5cm

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